On schedule?

posted Jun 26, 2008, 5:07 PM by Kevin Coughlin   [ updated Apr 13, 2013, 9:59 PM ]
Well, of COURSE I am on schedule. The schedule calls for me not to even START working on this one for a few more weeks. I'm trying to get things cleaned up/cleared away and handle some other maintenance chores before getting my teeth sunk into this thing. The first thing will be to have the portable storage building (just behind the bus in this picture) picked up. That gives me extra room, and cuts down on me having to pay for it. I have moved the stuff in it over into the main section of the shop - that leaves the benches over by the office area clear to work still, and I can get around the boxes to get to my pegboards (barely). As things age in their boxes they get winnowed down further and further, so this is not such a bad plan. If they stay in a storage building - "out of site out of mind" applies. If they are sort of in the way.... "In my way, it's outta here" is more likely.
Funny - the bus rear suspension is airbags. That means that about 45 minutes after you shut it down (there is an air leak in the windshield wipers that empty the air tank in about that much time) it sags about 6 inches or more in the back like a low-rider. One piece of the design is jacks at all 4 corners - so that I will be able to level the bus after parking it, and also to take the weight off the suspension (so the bus does not rock as you walk in it). While I find the movement of the bus in a high wind somewhat comforting..... I always feel guilty if my late night trip to the fridge makes the bus move enough to wake up Robin.