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3 - First day shooting

The first day shooting was to be a scene or two in the boonies of the "game" the characters are in. One bit where they have to jump out of planes and land with parachutes, and then Jimmy and Carols come to pick them up in the bus. The bus looked great, and Jimmy and Carlos looked equally amazing. The actor playing Jimmy had that old hippie vibe that I know from past friends (and their parents - when I was growing up in the 70's the parents were ex-hippies). Perfect casting. As for Carlos? When he smiles the girls will just melt. The dad and boy will be interesting. Then young kid playing Nick looks like something between Calvin and Dennis the Menace, all impish grins and mischief, but not so worldly. The dad is a bit edgier than I expected - reading the script I was thinking "what a loser". Watching how the actor was playing him, I thought "he is definitely NOT Stallone, or Bruce Willis, but is doing the dad thing of 'whatever it takes for my family even though this scares me spitless'". Which is a more heroic character, and I think I would like this guy in real life - even if he does NOT like skydiving. Last in the current mix was the army guy - who just wanted to have a little excitement. The young man playing THIS part has some of the most fun with it. The part is played large, and this guy is too. He looks like some of the typical active duty army friends of mine.... I'd love him in front of me in a dark alley, he looks like he could clear a path. One day of filming down, and probably 5 or 6 minutes of actual screen time, but I'm looking forward to it all, very much.

Burnt, tired, and dehydrated - that was how we all ended up. I missed a spot of my leg when putting on sunscreen.... so THAT spot burned. Jose and Teresa turned kind of red, and Corey (the sound guy) was pretty lobstered. Lots of water and gatorade was drunk - Teresa brought an ice chest and a bunch, and I stopped on the way for another flat of water and some gatorade and ice. Good thing - we went through almost all of it. I have a lot more water for the next day, up in Flagstaff.