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Movie Stuff

In the summer of 2010 I spent several weeks as an extra on a movie called "Knights of Badassdom" (still not released). I had a tremendous amount of fun, in among the hours of boredom waiting to go on set and the tedium of "just one more take....". I would not have missed it for anything, and would jump to do it again.

It gave me back the bug to create images and fantasies.

Since then, I've done background work on "The River Murders", on a music video for Emerson Cole, and in a web series called Mantecoza.

I'm also currently working on a project called "The Next Level Starts Now" doing prop creation. Want a missile launcher for a VW bus? Sure. Rig up a quick torture table. No problem. Filming in a few weeks, suddenly the realization of "oh shoot.... I still need to make 20 cross bows and a taco cart".....