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The Wheels on the bus...

posted Jun 26, 2008, 4:52 PM by Kevin Coughlin   [ updated Jun 26, 2008, 5:02 PM ]
Are not "round and round".... the "are Poisoned now..." Seems the ants have been getting a bit more aggressive. Out here, there ARE some carpenter ants. Now, I know that the woman who bought our old house claims that there were carpenter ants there and we HAD to have known about them. We didn't, and when she tried to sue the agent and us (in two separate cases) various judges told her she had no proof and to go away. I hope she stays away - some people are just pains in the butt (but the law says you can't shoot them.... oh well). Anyway - we have those big insect critters here.
When I built the shop there was quite an infestation in one of the stumps. A chainsaw, a shovel, about a gallon of gasoline, a propane torch, and (after the stump and nest were totally burnt out) some yard and garden poison sprayed all over that area seems to have done a pretty good job. There are some recently that have cropped up and are onesy/twosy getting into the bus, however. When you see one sauntering along the back of the kitchen counter, with a decent sized crumb of cheese - heading for a wine and cheese party (I can't find my corkscrew either!) it makes you annoyed and you smack it dead. But when you open a cabinet and find two dozen you start looking for vectors. All I can think is that anything that touches the ground..... so the power lines, and the tires, and even one or two tall weeds (I actually think that is where they have been climbing up) have been soaked with some nasty spray. I will put out ant baits as well, and if that does not work then I may just drive the bus back about 100 feet and see about treating the entire driveway with some kind of 'instant death' material. Yes, I know.... circle of life and all that stuff. I am fine with the ants cleaning up all the left over mouse carcuses that the dogs leave.... but stay out of my house! At least with a bus - with a REALLY bad infestation you CAN move the bus and spray underneath it. Much easier than with a sedentary home.