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Dang Bambis!

posted May 15, 2009, 8:05 AM by Kevin Coughlin   [ updated Apr 13, 2013, 9:24 PM ]
It has been about 16 months since I last hit a deer. Two weeks ago I got another one. When you hit a deer with a Land Rover, you knock it forward (like using a 1 wood in golf - a very flat face). When you hit one with a Saturn, the very low and sloping hood and windshield act more like a sand wedge, and fling it up and over the car. In both cases the deer ended up very dead. I had to sell the Land Rover (I'm was just not that good a bodyman). I have learned since then.... and Saturns are tough. The hood, one headlight, some metal bits in front - those were damaged.

The tupperware fenders flexed, but don't show damage. The antenna was bent back.

Trip to the local Pull and Save got me another headlight, some brackets that were bent in front, an antenna, and a few bit parts. No hood though.

After two weeks of hunting for a cheap (under $40) used hood I bout a new one (aftermarket - from china) for $139 plus tax. Total cost of the replacement bits probably ran about $200. Paint should be another twenty or so.