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Goat problems

posted Jun 13, 2008, 7:52 AM by Kevin Coughlin   [ updated Apr 13, 2013, 9:24 PM ]
This morning as I am wandering around drinking tea I lost track of the dogs for a moment. I looked down the hill, and down in the dirt road I see one goat, two goats, three goats flying down the road back towards the gate to John's place (where they had gotten out.... they do that). Behind them I see one of my dogs tongue lolling out and having a grand time making these furry toys run. I called her back, though. A minute later I walk back up the hill and there is the dog, sitting 5 feet away from the old arthritic goat that did not bother to run (our hill is not grazed, so the flowers are tasty!). Once I chased the goat off (gentle kicks and throwing sticks) it was fun for the dog to harass.... until the goat turned its head and got in a nice skull to skull knocking. Sounded kind of hollow - was that the dog or the goat with the hollow head? Anyway, it might have turned into Battle Royale but I used my alpha status to tell her to knock it off (the dog) and another boot to the rump (to the goat) to send them in the right directions.

If I could keep the dogs from all wanting to eat the goats (hey, even I consider goats to be "food") I would tell my neighbor to have his little aussie run a whole flock up on the hill.... save me having to mount the mower deck onto the little tractor. But as it is.... I think I will just try and chase them off and avoid the canine's temptation.