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I chase fires....

posted Jul 10, 2009, 9:15 AM by Kevin Coughlin   [ updated Jul 10, 2009, 9:24 AM ]
I just do it like a dog chases cars. Well, like a dog who can drive and occasional hits the racetrack. A week ago I saw a column of smoke just off the main drag so I pulled into the neighborhood. A car was blazing merrily in the driveway just in front of a house, Spokane FD had arrived and was JUST dismounting the truck. They pulled lines as I was walking up, pulling my iPhone to shoot a little amateur video. Unfortunately I caught only about 2 seconds of video (when in a hurry it is easy to touch the ON button twice.... but that means you turned it on, and then OFF right after). I did get a good still. Look at the house - the white droopy thing hanging off the roof used to be a vinyl rain gutter. Since I was heading out to my property to do some work, and it being the 4th of July weekend and the possibility of getting my OWN calls, I was in uniform as well. I came to where the car owner was - who was having some type of seizure - and worked with a neighbor (a nurse) to keep him safe until the medics showed up, and then stuck around to help while they got lines in, drugs onboard, and we all grabbed him and got him on the gurney and then I left.(click the picture for a larger one).