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Sculpture ideas:
Tree -
The entire tree rotates, powered via wind turbine (geared way down - trees move slowly)
Turbine is on roof above sculpture - visible via skylight
(windless days may have extra fan aimed at turbine out of sight of patrons)
Internal helix is stationary - raises balls from the ground to the treetop
balls fall from the tree, to branches - roll out the branches and fall
mushrooms on the ground are bells - sometimes they are hit
(tune mushrooms to complementary notes)
ground is sloped to drain the balls back to the tree
A railing keeps people away from the falling steel balls
different sized balls would come out at different locations - so you could have really big ones go to the top and then go one way, and smaller ones go out to the ends of the branches, and little BB sized ones might do a lot of raining from a short distance keeping the higher pitched chimes going.....

extras - smaller trees, or clouds, or somethings, are fed by manual cranks at stations around the perimeter for kids to play with
Crank away, make extra noise.

Branches may have solar flowers

The balls are steel ball bearings - big ones. probably chrome plated or blued steel. If this is an installation in the public view - people can "buy" a ball bearing (maybe in a different color or one of the larger "special" ones - and chrome plating can be colored) and have names engraved on them, like cancer survivors or to remember someone who is passed. The money for the ball goes to the charity supported, I'll deduct the cost of engraving on my taxes. The ball will then move through the cycle as it goes around and around constantly remembered. Like in the discworld - "sending home" on the clacks.

Might be a cool thing for a pediatrics hospital - where every baby born is another ball